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Useful Information

At Summer Boarding Courses we understand that parents may have lots of questions about their children spending a few weeks away in another country. Sometimes, being away from home can be a much more nervous experience for the parents than for the children. Therefore we've tried to provide as much information as possible and below we will answer some of the most common questions. Of course, if you have any other queries, please contact us and we will always be happy to help.

Are students met by an SBC Oxford Summer School representative at the airport?

Yes. Our Transfer Team is at the airport on Arrival Days to personally meet our new summer school students and to ensure they are transferred safely to the school. If the student is travelling as an ‘Unaccompanied Minor’, you will need to speak to the airline about their procedures. For Unaccompanied Minors, the airline will usually require us to provide the name and contact telephone number of the member of our staff who will be collecting your child.

What happens on arrival at SBC Oxford Summer School?

When the students arrive they are taken to the main office where they put tickets, passports and pocket money into the school safe. The students are then shown to their rooms, given time to rest and have something to eat if they are hungry. Once refreshed, the students are then introduced to other students and shown round the school.

Will there be students from different countries at the school?

Yes. We usually welcome students from over 40 different countries to SBC Oxford each summer.

How many students are there in the school?

A maximum of 90 children attend the summer school each week during the summer. All the students are residential.

How many students are there in each class?

The maximum in a class is 15. The morning after arrival, students are given written and oral tests in English and are placed in a class based on their results, age and nationality. We try to place as many nationalities in each class as possible.

Where do the students sleep?

The girls and boys live in separate boarding areas in dormitories of between 4 and 9 children. All the dormitories are bright and spacious. We generally place the older children in the smaller dormitories and the younger children in the bigger ones. There are at least two members of staff on duty in the girls’ and the boys’ boarding areas each night.

Is the safety and the welfare of the students the prime concern of SBC Oxford Summer School staff?

Yes. We do everything possible to ensure the safety of students the entire time they are with us. Alongside our team of Managers, Teachers and Activity Leaders, we also have a team of House Parents who will address any concerns and arrange medical help if needed. The students are supervised 24 hours a day and will always have a member of staff close at hand if there are any problems.

Can friends and family visit, or take a student out for the day?

Friends and family are welcome to visit students or arrange to take them out for the day. 24 hours notice must be given in writing, prior to any visit to the summer school. If a student is to be taken out of the school or out of the care and responsibility of our staff during an excursion, the parent or guardian must provide written permission by signing an absence form.

Can students use the internet and email?

Yes. There is an Internet Suite that students can use at specific times. Students will be supervised.

How do the students contact home and are parents able to contact students during the course?

On arrival all students are encouraged to phone home to let their parents know they have arrived safe and well. If a student doesn't have their own mobile phone they are able to use the school office phone to call home. We give all students a UK SIM card, meaning students will be able to be contacted directly by parents without it costing a fortune!

Parents who wish to send packages to their children should use the following address: SBC Oxford, The Dragon School, Bardwell Road, Oxford OX2 6SS

Where do the students have meals and what do they eat?

All meals are taken in the dining room at the Dragon School. There is a hot breakfast served two times a week, with a continental breakfast, cereal, fruit, toast and yoghurt on offer every day. At lunch and dinner there are always two hot choices on offer, including a vegetarian choice, as well as a salad bar. Students are provided with packed lunches for day trips. The tuck shop is open three times a day, and every night before bed the students are given juice and biscuits.

Can students with special diets be catered for?

Yes. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements at the time of booking.

What do students need to bring?

A guidance list of casual clothing is sent to you after the booking has been completed. All students must bring a pair of non-marking trainers to use in the sports hall (without black soles). A free laundry service is provided (please mark all items of clothing with the student's name) and sheets and bed linen are provided by the school. Students must bring a towel as these are not provided by the school.

How much pocket money should a student bring?

As everything is included in the price, the only money students need is for sweets and drinks from the tuck shop and for presents and souvenirs. We recommend around £50 per week. The students are able to collect pocket money from the office at specific times during the week.

Can the school look after valuables?

Yes. We will look after all passports, travel documents and pocket money. We would recommend that students bring as few valuables as possible. It is important to note that the bedrooms do not lock from the outside (this is nearly always the case in British Boarding Schools) for reasons of personal safety. We are only able to look after important documents (passports, money etc) in the school safe.

What happens on departure?

On the morning of departure the students will be given breakfast and then escorted to the airport, where they’re checked in by our staff and looked after until they go to the departure lounge. If the student is travelling as an ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ they will be handed over to a representative of the airline.

Parents collecting their children directly from SBC Oxford Summer School are asked to arrive at the school between 09.00 and 11.00 on the morning of the departure day. Please note, in advance of the departure day, we kindly ask you to provide the name of the parent or guardian collecting the student from our care.

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